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Feature: Bunty’s Cakery

Cherry Bomb Brides PresentsBunty’s Cakery

From traditional wedding cakes to the truely unique, Bunty’s Cakery was a company we just HAD to feature! First I thought I’d start with how Bunty’s got it’s name! Their Grandma has been called Bunty for the majority of her life,they guess that her name came from the little known nursery rhyme, Bye, Baby Bunting. It is a very personal name to them a very memorable one to everyone else!
I spoke to the lovely girls from Bunty’s and this is what they had to say.

Whose idea was it to start the cakery?
Looking back, there never seemed to be a person or a moment when we suddenly decided. It was more of a natural transition. We casually started talking about what we could call ourselves if we were to become official and all of a sudden we were making facebook pages and twitter accounts! 
How long have you been making cakes?
We’d always made cakes in one variety or another for the past couple of years. Mostly as treats for ourselves. Then this year it really started to take off. It possibly really started just before mother’s day this year. Since then our flavours, skills, and ambition have only grown.

Where are you based? Our cakes are truly homebaked as all our cakes are made from our homes. (In surrey!)

Who/how do you come up with ideas? It’s a meeting of the minds that pulls together the ideas. We use Google image search and our small library of books to bring together ideas. We encourage our clients to forward any pictures they’ve seen that they like. Where we wouldn’t copy a cake, we do encourage visual references to ensure we are meeting our clients expectations. It would be devastating for us and our clients if we don’t meet their expectations. 

Weirdest cake you’ve made/been to asked to do? We’ve not had a weird cake as yet, but we are definitely looking forward to getting our first one!
What makes you different from all the other cakerys? We are a family run Cakery. We are eager to learn and create someone’s imagination into edible yummy cake. Our passion is for the cake and to see the reaction of our clients, its all from the heart.

As you can tell Bunty’s is truely a cakery that cares! Not only do they offer gorgeous cakes, cupcakes, pushpops and cakepops in a variety of flavours and sizes they also make every single one of them with love and dedication!
I was lucky enough to meet the girls at a wedding fair and even won a gorgeous cake and I’m still unsure of how I didn’t eat the entire thing to myself. Everyone who was lucky enough to get a slice told me it was one of the nicest cakes they had ever had and I could only agree!

I also asked Bunty’s if they had any hints or tips for future brides and grooms who are still trying to decide on a cake! They told me nothing is unachieveable, really think about what you want and make sure you both agree on the design and flavours!There are many variations to the traditional wedding cake now, from different flavoured tieres to cupcake towers and they don’t have to be white!I was also told ‘Why not have a bit of fun with it? Commissioning a grooms/brides cake is the perfect way to surprise your other half and really lighten the mood during a stressful day’.

Ready to order a cake now? I know I am! Just looking through  the pictures while typing this made me want to eat cake all over again!
If you’d like to contact Bunty’s Cakery you can do so either on their Facebook or their Twitter .(Seriously go check out their albums on facebook, so many gorgeous cakes om nom!)
I’d like to thank Bunty’s Cakery for letting me feature them and for all the information and pictures they have allowed me to use.

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